Attached Kids

Supporting Children's Mental Health and Emotional Development

Staff Training

In Meghan’s comprehensive staff training sessions, she provides clear descriptions of common mental health and behavioural concerns children face as well as practical strategies every staff member can use to help children thrive in their program or classroom. Meghan tailors each training session to the specific needs of your program to ensure that each member of your staff team walks away feeling confident, ready, and able to manage children’s challenging behaviours.

We help staff understand and respond to symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, selective mutism, oppositional and aggressive behaviours, and trauma. 

While completing her degrees, Meghan spent her summers working in daycares and summer camps giving her a personal understanding of the challenges that staff face when caring for a classroom or cabin full of children. Meghan is passionate about providing training that focuses on practical strategies to support children with ADHD, anxiety, selective mutism, oppositional behaviours, aggressive behaviours, and trauma.


In your staff training you will learn:

How to recognize behaviour that may be caused by a mental health issue or trauma

How to support a child that has experienced trauma

Practical strategies to support mental health symptoms

Evidence-based strategies to respond to oppositional and aggressive behaviours


Every classroom, summer camp cabin, and daycare room will likely have one or more children experiencing a mental health concern or behavioural challenge, making it so important that all staff have a clear understanding of the challenges children face and the strategies they need to support all children to thrive in their program. Give your staff the tools they need to help all children succeed by contacting us to set up your comprehensive training.

For more information about Camp, Daycare, or Elementary School Staff Training, please e-mail